The ecological design classics by SCHAFFNER

Plastic pollution of the oceans affects us all.

The pollution of the world's oceans with waste plastic is a global and unsolved problem. Marine plastic threatens the habitat of marine fauna and flora as well as the livelihood of people living along the coasts.


Covering made from recycled marine plastic.

Protecting our natural environment is very important to us at SCHAFFNER. That is why, in cooperation with the Swiss rope producer MEISTER, we have developed a spaghetti cover made of 100% recycled marine plastic. This is collected from the coasts and islands of Southeast Asia and processed into plastic granulate on site. This granulate is then used to produce the OceanYarn® ropes for our spaghetti covers in Hasle near Burgdorf in Switzerland.


Sustainable design classics.

Innovation and further development are important values for us that motivate us to develop new products and reinterpret existing ones. With the sustainable OceanYarn® covering, we have combined tradition with the latest technology and environmental protection without compromising on the usual SCHAFFNER comfort and quality. With every spaghetti chair made from OceanYarn® we can help to reduce marine pollution and actively do something for the environment.


With every spaghetti chair made of OceanYarn® we can help to reduce the pollution of the oceans. Help us!


Plastic waste
Collecting the plastic waste by boat
Sorting the plastic waste by hand
Plastic waste is shredded into flakes
Flakes are further processed
Flakes are processed
OceanYarn Raw Material
The ropes are spun from the threads
Our SÄNTIS classics are hand-wound with OceanYarn


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